Are you facing a Connectivity Problem on Netgear Router? Is your Netgear Router Power Light Blinking Continuously? Then its Confirm that you are facing a Poor internet connectivity Problem on your Netgear Router. Netgear Extenders has a WPS Button that helps you to get connected with other devices easily and quickly. If an orange Light is blinking on Netgear Extender that means you’re receiving low connectivity signals from the Internet Service Provider. To troubleshoot this type of problem you need to give a brief check on the Connection. Netgear Router Troubleshooting Lights Problems can be resolved easily and Quickly by anyone as in this Post some troubleshooting steps have been explained below. Follow these troubleshooting steps and get rid of any internet connectivity errors. 


Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Orange Power Light Blinking on Netgear Router:


Check Internet Connectivity 

The First and Foremost steps to resolve this issue to give a proper check on internet connectivity. To Check for that unplug the ethernet cable from the router and plug it again. Restart the system and check the internet connectivity if it resumes or not.

Reboot the Modem 

If the above step fails to get you internet connectivity then reboot your modem device. After Rebooting the modem check if you find any internet connectivity, if yes then the issue is resolved. If still the issue is not resolved then get in touch with your internet service provider, this specifies that there is nothing wrong with your router.

Factory Restore Settings of your Router:

This is also one of the troubleshooting steps that you can perform if you have any doubts about your Netgear router. Do the Factory Restore settings and configure your Netgear router again.

Use of Faulty Cables and Poor Connection

Sometimes it has been seen that Most users have done the wrong connections. So Ensure that you have Connected both the sides of the device properly. Also, try to change your old ethernet cable with the new one to ensure that there is no problem with Ethernet cable. A green or Blue light will be seen on the router if there is an issue of faulty ethernet cable.

Update your Router Firmware

Ensure that you have updated your router firmware on a regular basis. Sometimes it has been seen that if you’re using an old version of the firmware then there might be chances that you will be getting an orange light on the router. So upgrade your software version if there are any necessary updates.

So these are the basic troubleshooting steps if you receive any Netgear router orange light on Port. These Steps are very basic and easy to understand but still in any case if any issue persists then get in touch with our professional experts. Our Professional expert will look into the issue and ensure you that it resolves within a short period of time.


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